Limited Run Games is down to handle physical releases for any platforms, but they modern consoles or legacy platforms. That’s why it should be no surprise to see the company offering a brand-new physical NES game for all to enjoy.

Limited Run Games has revealed that they’re working on a physical NES release for Kubo 3. Developed by an 8-year-old from France (with a little help from Dad), Kubo is an adventure that will take you across the world as you look for the sacred crystals in order to free the inhabitants kidnapped by the infamous Moglar. Travel the underworld, the graveyard, the underwater world and the skies. Collect items, deal with monsters and bosses, and make your way to the enemy’s castle!

Kubo 3 pre-orders open April 22nd, 2022, and the package is priced at $60. You can take a closer look at Kubo 3’s physical release here.

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2y ago

I already have Kubo 3 physically...