We already know that Pikmin 4 holds all kinds of secrets and tributes that Nintendo fans will enjoy, but it turns out there’s one particular nod waiting within the game that’ll bring a smile to Zelda fans.

When you’re out and about exploring in Pikmin 4, you’re going to find all sorts of collectible items. Not only will you need them to help power your ship, they’ll also bring with them some funny descriptions and references. One such example is a GBA SP that’s been seen in the advertising and trailer for Pikmin 4, but there’s also a Zelda-related item waiting to be scooped up.

The video above showcases the collection of a music box, and from the outside, it certainly doesn’t have the appearance of a Zelda-related item. It’s when you hear what song the music box is playing that you’ll get the Zelda reference. As long as you don’t mind some spoilers, give the video above a watch to hear what we’re talking about!

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