LEGEND BOWL comes to Switch on Aug. 9th, 2023

A tip of the helmet to retro football greatness

19 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Top Hat Studios, Inc. alongside developer Super Pixel Games, have released a new trailer - featured above - in order to highlight what to expect from LEGEND BOWL on August 9th.

Commenting on the confirmation of LEGEND BOWL’s release date for console, Top Hat Studios, Inc. Executive Producer Andy Andi Han said the following: “LEGEND BOWL has been one tough nut to crack. People think of pixel art and retro games as being things from an era where hardware power was limited, so shouldn’t pose a problem today, but in the end the game took a monumental amount of work - totalling over 7 million lines of code to get it working and optimized on console, almost all of it contributed by our company CEO, Joseph Brown. There’s been a lot of anticipation for LEGEND BOWL and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we got the game into a good state, and we’re pleased that people will be experiencing it soon”.

Legend Bowl’s flagship mode is a fully fledged FRANCHISE mode, which gives players the feeling of being in the coach’s seat they’ve been craving for. Create your own coach (or choose one from the league), pick one of the 32 unique teams to champion, and then take them through successive, complete, 17 week schedules. Manage your stadium facilities, team rosters and player’s needs, and face the grilling of the press on the news wire. There’s also a complete off season where you’ll take your team through retirements, free agency, player progression, and a full 7 round draft. Legend Bowl puts you into the center of the action, and you’ll need to manage the chemistry of your roster and players to build a legendary team. And as a living, breathing franchise… the actions of other teams will matter, too…

Regardless of mode, player control and customization is key. In LEGEND BOWL, you’ll be able to fully customize players, coaches, and teams to create your very own dream league. Choose from a variety of hairstyles, faces, visors, earrings, hats, headbands, gloves, and more to build as unique of a roster as you can dream up. When it comes to attention to detail, nothing’s spared. Realistic weather, complete with a time cycle lighting system, makes you feel the chill or heat on the field. Clear, cloudy, rain or snow, you’ll have to brave it all. On the field stat overlays, halftime stats, end of game stats, field art, live referees, chain gang, mascots, advertisements, fans and more get you immersed in the game and put you in the stadium!

For more drop-in style play, exhibition mode allows you to simply select any 2 teams, and face them off as either Human vs CPU, Human vs Human, or just watch sparks fly as CPU vs CPU! Play with up to 4 players locally. There’s also bracket style tournaments, where 16 teams try to finish at the top. Momentum and weight makes you feel the impact of every tackle, fumble, or kick, and brings the battle on the gridiron alive. Carefully balanced to have the optimal mix of arcade style fun with realistic/sim gameplay mechanics, speed, agility, acceleration and more all come into play.

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