Warframe Rewards Heat Up for TennoCon 2023

The biggest TennoCon yet?

19 July 2023
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Digital Extremes is continuing the lead-up to its sold-out TennoCon event by teasing a slew of free content, rewards, and in-game drops available to players logging into Warframe and tuning into TennoCon virtually on Saturday, August 26. In a new TennoCon Preview and Rewards Trailer, the award-winning studio offers players a first look at its TennoCon 2023 initiatives and experiences: https://youtu.be/fCC2-nwryoc

Login to Warframe and Tune in to TennoCon For Giveaways, Twitch Drops, Discounts, and More!

Digital Extremes is bringing the goods to TennoCon 2023, and Warframe players will not be disappointed in its eclectic lineup of exclusive rewards, giveaways, and free content. Commemorate ten years of Warframe glory by logging into the game on August 26 to claim Digital Extremes’ free anniversary reward - the Dex Operator and Drifter suit inspired by Tenno craftsmanship and the intricate designs of traditional Japanese art.

Players celebrating TennoCon virtually and tuning in on Twitch can look forward to a chance to claim free in-game content, including the glass-armored Gara Prime Warframe and other time-limited exclusives. A limited selection of physical prizes are also available to win by tuning into Tennocon, including custom collectibles and one-of-a-kind hardware like branded Steam Decks, an elaborate PC built by tech influencer Juggapat Modifier, and peripherals among other Tenno-tastic gadgets.

Darvo is also joining Digital Extremes’ TennoCon celebration, bringing players some extraordinary deals at the Official Warframe Merch Store. Expect hefty discounts on items like the Ascension Day Wall Scroll, Excalibur Bobblehead, and other must-have gear.

For more information on Digital Extremes’ 10th Anniversary and TennoCon rewards or to learn more about discounted offerings with Darvo Deals, visit the TennoCon website. To learn more about TennoCon prizes and giveaways, visit the Digital Extras page of the TennoCon website.

Jump into Weekly Tactical Alerts to Earn Anniversary Rewards with Recall: Ten Zero

Warframe players don’t need to wait until TennoCon to join Digital Extremes’ wild anniversary celebrations! Kicking off today, Recall: Ten-Zero is a five-week event that will take players back to where their Warframe journey began, facing the villainous Captain Vor to earn even more themed content like Noggles and Glyphs.

Each week will offer three missions, with the third mission of each week being replayable for a chance to earn additional rewards including a Forma Blueprint, a Primary Arcane Adapter, and other exclusive drop table items. Players who are able to complete three full weeks of Recall: Ten-Zero Alerts will earn a 10th Anniversary Emblem, while players who finish all five weeks will also receive the vibrant Kyndryn Gunblade Skin for use on any Gunblade.

Gear Up in Style with TennoCon 2023 Merch

It wouldn’t be a true TennoCon without exclusive event merchandise and Digital Extremes has prepared a collection that will surely not disappoint! A slick new TennoCon 2023 T-shirt and commemorative pin featuring the Excalibur, Mag, and Volt, with lightning that glows in the dark. Also making a return - Clem! In plush form, Warframe players can add this ultra-cute collectible to their toy chest and aim his attachable magnetic Twin Grakata’s sky-high in celebration. The TennoCon 2023 Merch Pack can be purchased starting today from the TennoCon website.

Players looking to get in on the TennoCon action from home can still purchase a TennoCon Digital Pack* to instantly bolster their Arsenal with a slate of new, exclusive themed Customizations and access to Baro’s TennoCon 2023 Relay.

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