The 2023 Pokémon World Championships are almost here, and Pokémon Co. has shared details on when you can stream the action from home.

For those not available to attend the Pokemon World Championships in person, there will be live-streams running throughout the entire event. Whether you want to see the GO, VGC or TCG battles, you’ll be able to do so through the official Twitch streams. Here’s the schedule for what’s to come.

  • Day 1 - August 10th - 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT / 01:00 BST / 09:00 JST
  • Day 2 - August 11th - 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT / 01:00 BST / 09:00 JST
  • Day 3 - August 12th - 17:00 PDT / 20:00 EDT / 01:00 BST / 09:00 JST

The VGC casters are Adam Dorricott, Rosemary Kelley, Scott Glaza, Lee Provost, Aaron Zheng, Lou Akcos-Cromie. The TCG casters are Chip Richey, Shelbie Bou, Kyle Sabelhaus, Ethan Hegyi, Kyle Sucevich, Ross Gilbert. The GO casters are Gabby Snyder, Wil Dunphey, Caleb Peng, Steven Sanders, Jim lawson. Finally, the UNITE casters are Jake Sprague, Kirk Dubé, Joshua Hiebert, Evan Hashimoto, Kelly Wilson.

Along with that, registration is now open for the Pokémon Trainer Cruise at the Pokémon World Championships. Registration will give you access to the docked boat to play Pokémon Scarlet & Violet for battles, trades and Tera Battles. You’ll also be able to take on TCG battles and take photos of the boat itself.

The Pokémon Trainer Cruise is available from August 11th through 13th, and you’ll have to bring your own TCG deck or Switch to participate. If you show your badge while aboard, you’ll be able to enter a special competitor section, and you can bring up to two people with you. You can check out the official registration page here.

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