The team behind LOST EPIC is celebrating a major milestone today, as the game has officially reached 100k sold worldwide. LOST EPIC originally launched on Switch back in April of this year, so it seems like the title is motoring along quite nicely. Let’s see if it can’t double that total by the end of the year!

LOST EPIC is a 2D side-scrolling action RPG about a war between gods and humanity. Become a knight and set out across the sanctuaries to overthrow the six gods of the world.

Combine Attacks and Divine Skills to Create Intense Combos – Each weapon has a unique move called a Divine Skill. Choose your favorite Divine Skills to create your very own playstyle. By activating a Divine Skill at just the right moment, you can knock down an enemy, leaving them wide open for massive damage.

Use Skill Points to Make a Character Build All Your Own – Give yourself the advantage in battle by upgrading your character’s stats with your weapon’s strengths in mind. Focusing on specific stats and creating a strength, skill, or magic build can also help you gain the upper hand.


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