Plunder Panic has received the Heave Ho Update, which bumps the game up to Ver. 2.4. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Version 2.4 features polish and bug fixes over the previous update, which together collectively includes:

New Island: Viking Village - The Norse who find their home in the frozen lands of the Viking Village have a lot in common with pirates but also a unique flair for hand-to-hand combat with their wooden shields. They also love their boats, and even have two Death’s Row dinghies, creating a dueling dinghy challenge for crews that dock upon these shores.

New Island: Buzzing Bazaar - This is an infamous trading post for pirates, criminals, and shady businessmen. Travel the bouncy tent tops to get a jump on your competition or ride the magic carpet through the skies. Many a traveler has been lured to these shores in seek of the wishes held within the genie’s lamp.

Updated Island: Shipwreck Shanty - A couple ropes have been dropped from the shipwreck’s rigging to create a line of rope swings that allows an agile pirate to quickly traverse from one pirate ship to another.

Updated Island: Kaiju Cove - Mangled trees have sprouted at the top of Kaiju Cove that drop unique seeds filled with items that may be useful to ye crew.

New Item: Shield - This item not only protects ye from an attack, but it also allows you to redirect an incoming projectile back toward yer enemy! Take heed: the shield is made of wood, so it can only take one hit before it breaks.

New Modify-arr: Shields Up - With this modify-arr, all pirates will spawn with a Shield equipped! Be careful when launching projectiles at a shielded opponent, as they’re likely to end up flyin’ right back at ye!

New Modify-arr: Sniper - This modify-arr adds precision aiming to all harpoon guns. Become the sharpshooter you’ve always known ye could be! NOTE: The default aiming for the harpoon gun is what used to be called “No Scope”.

New Game Mode: King of the Hill - Capture the territory and reclaim what was ours, argh! In this new game mode, yer crew gains points by capturing the hill and keeping enemies out of it. Every few moments, the hill will change location, so be quick to reach it first. Rowboat and cannon victories will take away from yer opponents score, and gold victories will add to yours.

New Game Mode Option: Starting Weapon - Tired of yer captain being the only one to start with a weapon? With the new “Starting Weapon” game mode option, you can equip the entire crew for battle with swords, blunderbusses, axes, or harpoon guns (if unlocked).

Campaign Update: Chapters 45-54 - The single player campaign has been expanded to include four new chapters and updates for six previous chapters to integrate the new islands, items, and modify-arrs.

Ranked Play Improvements - Ranked play is now scheduled based on your region to help concentrate pirates seeking ranked matches to specific times during the week. You can also now match with humans from 4v4 down to 1v1 with balanced AI backfill up to 4v4 for all ranked matches, allowing you to get into ranked matches easier.

And Much More - There are many additional sound effects, quality of life enhancements, AI pirate improvements, additional stat tracking, and bug fixes!


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