Cramped Room of Death crams onto the Switch eShop today

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19 July 2023
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Nicalis, Inc. officially announces that Cramped Room of Death is now available as a digital download on Nintendo Switch for $15.

Developed by Hafiz Mohd Rozlan with Nicalis, Cramped Room of Death looks like a 16-bit dungeon crawler, but it’s actually a very challenging puzzle game that forces you to think carefully about nearly every step that you take.

You play as a brave hero named Lance who enters the narrow hallways of an underground maze, armed with only a giant spear. But your weapon is more hindrance than help: Often you can’t even turn to face an enemy because the spear is too big! You’ll have to maneuver in very creative ways, one step at a time, in order to jab all the enemies in each room and unlock the door to the next area.

Cramped Room of Death has over 170 unique room layouts across five different areas, each with different types of progressively trickier traps. In the Mine, the rooms are rife with pitfalls and heavy stone blocks that drop from the ceiling; in the Sewer, the slippery floors cause you to slide helplessly until you hit an obstacle. Each of the five areas has branching paths and secret rooms to discover as well.

If you get stuck or if you get killed, you can try again as many times as you like. You can also collect coins and purchase special keys that might let you escape from a room without killing all the enemies… if you can find a way to sneak past them.

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