All the way back in 1993, Nintendo was putting on the Star Fox: Super Weekend Official Competition. This event was an international Star Fox competition that had contestants tackle a special version of Star Fox that featured a single gameplay mode with a five-minute time limit. Players would make their way through a modified version of the first Corneria and Asteroid stages, complete with extra rings and other bonus systems. There was even an exclusive bonus level for players to enjoy as well.

While details on the competition and the special cartridges Nintendo used are well known, marketing materials for the event are hard to come by. Well, at least they were until today, as a video has just popped up that includes a radio spot for the competition, along with a promotional video.

Anything related to the Star Fox: Super Weekend Official Competition is extremely hard to come by nowadays, making the fact that this archived footage has surfaced that much more surprising. While Nintendo likely has a lot of this stuff locked away in their personal vault, now we can all look back on this event and enjoy a simpler time for Nintendo.

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11M ago

I hate my hometown. They had this going at the mall but the jerks didn't hand out any prizes.