Regista has announced that they’re bringing THE KITTY in The Spaceship to Switch today. If you purchase between now and Aug. 3rd, 2023, you can get 50% off, dropping the price to $5. THE KITTY in The Spaceship takes up 336 MB of space.

THE KITTY in The Spaceship is an escape-the-room game mixed with mystery and adventure. All you have to do is move a cursor around the screen to solve riddles, which will in turn advance the story.

You can see a (Google translated) version of the game’s story below.

In 2XXX-

I am known for my extraordinary love For cats

That drives me into joining ‘10 days Meow-meow Spaceship Tour’

The shuttle passing the atmosphere, I am enjoying a non-gravity experience

All of a sudden, a loudness and the darkness Covers the shuttle

When I try to see what is going on I bump my head into something and pass out

I wake up to find myself Lying in the Med room

And what I find in the ship is Totally insane…

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