Pokémon GO adds new Routes feature today

New content en route today!

20 July 2023
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Today, Niantic is adding an exciting new feature to Pokémon GO: Routes. Routes marks the first user generated content that can be added to the game at scale.

Routes are easy to create. Simply start at a Pokéstop and start walking, then share it with everyone. Trainers who walk a Route will receive bonuses and rewards as well as have the chance to encounter different Pokémon, with bonus experience awarded for completing a Route. Trainers in all areas can enjoy the new feature.

Whether it’s the fastest path to hit all the gyms in an area or a scenic route along a favorite trail, there’s endless possibilities for Trainers to go out and explore and share their favorite routes with others. The best part is, Trainers don’t need to keep the game open while traversing the route - the route can complete in background mode, so Trainers are free to enjoy exploring.

To celebrate the launch of Routes, Niantic is hosting a brand-new event: Blaze New Trails! Additionally, the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde, the Order Pokémon, will make its Pokémon GO debut in the Special Research story From A to Zygarde! It seems Zygarde might have some connection to Routes…

To get full details on the Blaze New Trails event, you can get a complete breakdown on the official Pokemon GO blog.

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