Welcome back to another Coo-munity Flock segment for Headbangers: Rhythm Royale, a 30 Pigeon Player Rhythm Battle Royale game! In today’s video, we look at one of our third-round minigames in The Stunt Moles! This round tests several of your skills, in rhythm, memory and reaction time. The goal here is to reproduce the sequences shown by hitting moles in rhythm. Follow the moles’ pattern and once you hear play, whac-a-mole!

You’ll have four buttons to hit, one for each hole. For each sequence shown, patterns that the moles appear in will change. However, at the beginning of The Stunt Moles, you will be given simple patterns to follow. Whack those moles in rhythm to increase your rank! In The Stunt Moles, you’ll compete against 10 Pigeon Players, as The Stunt Moles is a third-round minigame. However, only the top 5 Pigeons will qualify for the fourth and final round!

Headbangers Rhythm Royale is a 30-player rhythm battle royale game, releasing on October 31st for Switch. Pick your Pigeon outfit and battle through four rounds of musical minigames. At the end, one Pigeon player will claim the title of Master Headbanger!

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