It looks like LEGO got a little bit too excited, and rightfully so!

The juggernaut toy company released images of a Princess Peach’s castle playset on their official Instagram account before promptly deleting the post. A MAR10 DAY page on their website has a countdown to 6AM PST / 9AM EST, so we’ll update this article with any official details that come up. In the meantime, check out the leaked images below!

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2y ago

Tough for these Lego toys not to leak. Looks great! Love Spike and the goomba hiding in a cake


2y ago

I still hope we see more "traditional" Lego sets arise from Nintend and Lego's new partnership. Zelda seems like a no-brainer.


2y ago

This one is tempting though my Lego space is getting small.


2y ago

Fans have been trying to get them to do Zelda-based sets for well over a decade at this point, and they always turn them down.

These Mario sets look neat, but c'mon man! Where's the Zelda sets already?


2y ago

I love the look of the castle, lego peach is a little cursed though...


2y ago

I hope LEGO will release a more traditional LEGO-style Peach's Castle. This version of course, is a great addition to the current Super Mario playsets.

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Frankly all the Mario themed Lego sets look cursed. I always wanted them to do them, but I feel like fans can and have done a better job with keeping that Lego charm and Nintendo recognizably. I think Nintendo did too much meddling into these sets. Better off letting lego (or fans) do its thing all on their own.