Wouldn’t it be fun to be Ryu, but without all the training and pain? Capcom certainly thinks so, which is why they’ve teamed with Bandai and SuperCompleteSelectionGames to release a special pair of Street Fighter gloves that transform you into Ryu in more ways than one.

The Street Fighter ‘Ryu’ gloves actually read your movements, and they’ll make sound effects based on what you do. If you perform classic Ryu moves like a Hadoken, the gloves will make the appropriate sound effect. The gloves also include training and fight modes where you can practice and battle with your moves.

Pre-orders are open in Japan for the Street Fighter Ryu gloves, and they’re priced at roughly $70. Pre-orders are set to close on Sept. 15th, 2023, and the gloves will ship out sometime in January 2024. You can check out a few more pics of the gloves here.

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