D3 Publisher is working on a new otome game called DesperaDrops, and they’re bringing the title to Switch sometime in Winter 2023. Fire Emblem fans might want to pay close attention to this one, as the game will feature character designs from Fire Emblem Awakening artist Yusuke Kozaki. Yusuke has also worked on the No More Heroes series, Fire Emblem Fates and and Ai: The Somnium Files.

If you’re eager to see the designs that Yusuke has come up with for DesperaDrops, you’ll have to make do with a tease. All we have to go on so far are the silhouettes above, which certainly showcase a wide range of personalities and styles. Hopefully we get to see the full reveal of these characters soon.

DesperaDrops is being writen by Ririka Yoshimura, who’s worked on a number of other otome projects in the past. The game will feature an opening and ending theme from Zwei.

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