Time for another batch of indie releases! This time we have a wide variety of genres with Forest Fire, MetaDude, Masquerade kiss, and Sweets Pusher joining the eShop!

Stick around for more details and direct links for each one of these games:

Forest Fire

Price: $6.99

Be the Forest Fire and burn everything in sight! A Rogue-lite destruction-fest where every pixel is physically simulated.

Burn trees, buildings, vehicles, and tiny screaming humans. Dodge bullet-hell rain clouds and pissed-off firefighters to stay alive.

Don’t think you’ll burn unopposed. Mother nature has sent in a bullet-hell array of rain clouds and other obstacles to put an end to your destruction fest. Your flame must weave through the storm to survive. Firefighting helicopters, planes, and little firemen will also be out to get you. The more you burn their buildings the more pissed off they get (and the more combo points you get!)

This is a Rogue-lite game so each run is different. However, we still maintain a sense of progression with persistent level up points. This means you get stronger, even if you die 5000 times.

Forest Fires aren’t just limited to trees… light whole groups of people on fire, explode helicopters out of the sky, and burn famous monuments. Your destruction has no boundaries and is unimpeded by morality.

The forest is vast and unending, with a myriad of secrets hidden within her. Features -5 unique levels -3 Game Modes: Main Quest, Endless Mode, and Insane Mode -Roguelite style perma-death -Dozens of painful bullet hell patterns -Unlockables and persistent level-up system -30+ Achievements and persistent stats -Dozens of secrets; characters, monuments, and oddities

…And all this for less than the price of a burrito! Are you ready to burn?


Price: $1.99

Please connect, my user! Welcome to the new reality!

This visual novel dares to fantasize about this topic in an attempt to predict one of the likely developments in the near future.

We are approaching the threshold of a new era of technological development, but only God knows where the abundance of new technologies and ways of interacting with the real and virtual worlds will lead humanity.

Our hero Meta-Dude explores the rapidly growing digital world through the prism of irony over the modern consumer society. He’s armed with sarcasm, a deciphering blaster, and references to classic comics. And may the St. Admin help those who stand in his way…

Features: - 6 bright episodes - cover recovery mini-games

Masquerade Kiss

Price: $34.99

My name, my job - it’s all a lie. But this love is real.

The Story:

Who wins in the game of seduction? You’re an elite agent tasked with taking down the most corrupt people in the world. However, your latest target may be your most challenging yet. His hand slips into your dress, fingers dangerously close to the wire hidden in your lingerie… “You think you can take me? Go ahead, try.” You’re playing a dangerous game now, one without winners…

Characters: Kazuomi Shido “Dangerous, Bewitching Charms” Yuzuru Shiba “Icy, Inimical Eyes & Bracingly Hot Lips” Kei Soejima “The Sensual Demon Lurking Behind a Smile” Boss “The Man You Admire”

Contents: Includes Main Stories from the app Love 365: Find Your Story up until Season 2

Sweets Pusher Friends

Price: $5.38

This is an online cooperative pusher game where you scoop sweets and get them by pushing them on the table and catching them in the box.

  • Mini Games

There are various in-game mini-games such as monster slaying, treasure chests, destroying runaway cars, etc. All players playing together can participate in the mini-games. Work together to win prizes.

  • Sweets collection

The prize money won for each candy increases with the number of sweets won.

  • Upgrades

Winnings can be used to upgrade the reciprocating width of the pusher, the size of the box, and the speed at which it moves.

  • Online Multi Play

There is auto-matching and friend-matching where you can play only with your friends. With auto-matching, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with friend-matching, you can have fun with your friends, or of course, you can play solo, so you can enjoy the game in your preferred play style.

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