Trainers UNITE! A new Pokémon Unite event has now begun to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

As part of this event, we now have available a new Battle Pass #17. If you buy it, you’ll be able to immediately unlock Marine Style: Greedent, and rank it all the way up to receive Captain Style: Zacian!

Besides the Battle Pass, we will also have a new mode called Panic Parade, which takes place in a brand new stage. In this mode, you have to face off wave after wave of enemies, helping to protect a Tinkatink/Tinkatuff/Tinkaton from the various wild Pokémon.

Finally as a reminder, Mewtwo will be joining the game tomorrow July 21st, which is also in part to celebrate the game’s second anniversary.

Ready to celebrate? Let us know what you think of this event below!

[Pokémon Unite, Serebii]

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