Nintendo shares Pikmin 4 'Fresh Recruits' guide

Welcome to the world of Pikmin

21 July 2023
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Nintendo has sold over 125 million Switch units so far, which means there’s millions upon millions of potential Pikmin fans to be found. Some checked out the series decades ago, but others will be joining in for the first time with Pikmin 4. For the first-timers who are jumping in with this latest installment, Nintendo has put together a special guide for the onboarding process.

Nintendo has released their Pikmin 4: Guide for Fresh Recruits, which aims to make playing Pikmin 4 as easy as possible. The guide covers basic Pikmin gameplay features, details on what each character does, specifics on controls and so much more. Best of all, Nintendo is offering this digital guide completely free of charge.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pikmin veteran or a newcomer, the Fresh Recruit guide might be worth a look. If you’re feeling nosey, you can find the guide here.

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