Super Dinoblasters roars onto Switch today

Get ready for another extinction event

21 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Magic Salmon Productions has announced that they’re bringing Super DinoBlasters to the Switch today. The title is priced at $3 and takes up 97 MB of space.

Join George on his first adventure as he battles the evil King Tyrantadon and his prehistoric henchmen to restore peace to Dinosaur Planet and save the galaxy from an evil Cyborg Dinosaur invasion.

George is a Super Blast Ranger with the Intergalactic Federation, tasked with keeping the galaxy safe from would be space villains. Our adventure begins when his ship is knocked off course by a stray asteroid causing George to crash land on this uncharted prehistoric planet, with his ship scattering into several pieces across the planet along with the gemstones that power the cosmic thruster engines.

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