Rivals of Aether has been updated to Version, and this update includes a host of changes and tweaks. You can read the main changes below.

  • Entering Abyss mode after reaching level 10 with a character will no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding/removing joycons or other controllers in the console menu.
  • The stats menu should no longer cause a crash when scrolled through.
  • Portrait and other various menu and victory art has been updated to correct odd shader behavior and/or stray pixels.
  • Multiple tutorial improvements made for the four newcomers. Improved descriptions, controls, and reduced difficulty of some steps.
  • Fixed multiple rune and gameplay related issues in Abyss mode.
  • Fixed odd animations when moonwalking as Olympia, Pomme, Mollo, or Hodan.
  • Fixed Olympia, Pomme, Mollo, and Hodan not getting an animation when you unlock their milestone.
  • The Random Stage button should now be able to choose from any stage skins you’ve unlocked.
  • Closed up a gap in collision boxes on Neo Blazing Rail that let players go under the main ground.
  • Fixed dash dancing desyncing replays.
  • Multiple small visual bugs in menus and gameplay have been fixed.
  • Fixed Kragg’s pillar persisting under the bottom blastzone.
  • Addressed various other bugs.

Along with that, multiple characters have received changes, tweaks, and balance adjustments. If you want the specific details on each character’s changes, you can find those notes here.


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