Pokémon Sleep is now available worldwide, and Pokémon Co. is celebrating with a special collection of Sleep-themed plush dolls and more.

Pokémon Center physical locations in Japan and the online store are both selling a wide range of merch related to Pokémon Sleep, with the plush lineup being the star of the show. You can see the complete breakdown of items and pricing below.

  • Sleeping Pikachu plush – 3,520 JPY (~$24 USD)
  • Sleeping Slowpoke plush – 3,520 JPY (~$24 USD)
  • Sleeping Chicorita plush – 3,520 JPY (~$24 USD)
  • Sleeping Cubone plush – 3,520 JPY (~$24 USD)
  • Sleeping Mareep alarm clock – 9,900 JPY (~$70 USD)
  • Sleeping Snorlax towel blanket – 5,940 JPY (~$42 USD)
  • Snorlax eye mask – 1,980 JPY (~$14 USD)
  • Weepinbell nightcap – 2,420 JPY (~$17 USD)
  • Sleeping Pokemon stickers – 660 JPY (~$4 USD)
  • Sleeping Pokemon clear filer (two types) – 275 JPY (~$2 USD)
  • Single bed reversible bed covers – 10,450 JPY (~$73 USD)

There’s no word on this merch lineup releasing outside of Japan at this time, but it’s likely we’ll see at least a few of these items make their way over later this year. For now, you can take a close look at every item via the Pokémon Center Online Store.

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