We’re back in action with the crew on our normal day and time, and it seems like we were ready to get right back into the swing of things! Something about this episode felt really fun, and hopefully it feels the same for you.

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!

Thanks to Gybones for putting together this episode’s timestamps!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:41 Introduction

00:01:06 Pokémon Desc

00:02:25 Crew Greetings

00:05:18 Discord Hellos

00:07:19 Pre-show

00:29:58 Now I Get News

00:34:54 Ex NFL Player Makes Millions Thru Pokémon TCG

00:36:13 Pikmin Fans Takeover Times Square Ad Space

00:42:48 Pikmin Concept Art

00:49:54 Grubb Direct Rumor

00:55:19 Miyamoto Comments on Pikmin Sales History, Difficulty

01:01:56 Euro June Game Sales

01:11:11 NA eShop Releases

01:16:26 Nicky Hill’s Sweet (Euro eShop) Releases

01:20:20 No Dolphin on Steam

01:26:47 Whatcha Been Playin’ Pod Crew?

01:47:09 Listener Question

01:53:49 Patreon Question

02:05:03 Bad Game Descriptions

02:07:28 Music Time

02:33:34 Deux’s Rumor

02:35:06 Goodbyes

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11M ago

Hey RMC - just a suggestion about your Twitter woes.
What about individually tweeting top stories and then doing a kind of “daily digest” tweet that puts multiple stories into one tweet? That might help you keep within the API limits.