There’s no doubt plenty of you are deep into Pikmin 4 by this point, as the game has been available for over a day. While that’s no doubt an enthralling experience, if you do step away from playing for a minute, you might want to check out how Nintendo welcomed the game’s arrival at their flagship store.

As they do for all their first party games, Nintendo put together a special launch event for Pikmin 4 at Nintendo NY. Nintendo littered the store with all kinds of Pikmin on display, giving fans a chance to find where Nintendo had hidden the little guys. Of course, Nintendo also gave fans all sorts of photo opportunities and free swag to celebrate Pikmin 4’s launch a well.

As you can see, despite the rainy weather in NY yesterday, Nintendo fans and Pikmin diehards were more than happy to line up around the block to secure their copy of Pikmin 4. Its always great to see Nintendo fans coming together to celebrate the next big thing!

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