Publisher Spike Chunsoft, and developers Millennium Kitchen and Toybox have shared a new round of details for Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation. In today’s info drop, you can read about the neighboring town of Tonari, transportation methods, fortunes, and pig care. Check out the full details below! (h/t Gematsu)

■ Yomogi’s Neighbor Town: Tonari

The next town over from Yomogi is Tonari (which translates to “Neighbor”). Tonari is known for its sights and has a plenty of interesting places such as a clock tower and newspaper company. Inside the clocktower is a local museum-like exhibit where you can learn the history of the Tonari and Yomogi area.

There is also a sunflower field on the route between Yomogi and Tonari. While the bus or train is a convenient method of transportation between the two towns, walking can also be a good option.


■ The Residents of Tonari

Chiharu Momoyama (voiced by Rie Hikisaka): A junior high school student who volunteers as a guide at the clock tower.

Hideto (voiced by Shouya Chiba): A reporter for the Tonari newspaper company always looking for his next story.

■ Transportation

This game is set across large areas, including the towns of Yomogi and Tonari. Since it may be difficult to travel by foot all the time, it is recommended to use convenient public transportation methods such as the train or bus.


You can ride the bus with cash or a ticket. If you have a ticket, you can board the bus from anywhere without going to a bus stop. The destinations that you can select are limited to the bus stops registered in your “Destinations List,” so it is important to add new bus stops to your Destinations List whenever you come across one.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets can be found at construction sites and the like. By entering one, you are somehow instantly transported to the bathroom at the Ashitaba Lodge where you are staying for the summer. How it works is unknown, but it is convenient for when you want to get back home in a hurry.


After you obtain a certain item, you will be even able to glide through the air.

■ Love’s Fortunes

Love, one of the circus troupe members, reads fortunes for fun, and if you visit her room, she can read your fortune for the day. Your fortune will tell you where something is likely to happen that day.

■ Taking Care of the Pigs

The priest at the shrine takes care of the pigs behind the shrine, but every so often the pigs will escape. If you find a pig in town, you can keep it safe to help out the priest, and learn how to take care of the pigs yourself. You can also feed the pigs acorns (their favorite food).

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