It’s a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless. The internet can be a scary place and there are literally millions of people out there looking to do you digital harm and steal your hard-earned cash. That includes when you’re playing on Switch, and Nintendo wants to make sure users steer clear of any issues. This is why they’ve shared some new guidelines that you’ll want to make note of.

Nintendo has warned that unauthorized financial transactions can lead to the banning of your Nintendo Account, which would pretty much take away all your online access with Switch. In order to avoid that fate, stay far, far away from the following situations:

■ Selling unusable download codes or download codes acquired through unauthorized and illegal means

※ These include using a third party’s credit card information, PayPal account information, or other unauthorized methods to purchase products.

■ Transferring Nintendo Account information to a third party as part of an unauthorized financial transaction

  • The sale/purchase of a Nintendo Account that has purchased digital games
  • The sale/purchase of products by using a third party’s Nintendo Account from time to time
  • Sharing paid software with others through the use of the same Nintendo Account
  • Transferring Nintendo Account information to a third party for the purpose of modifying save data, playing on one’s behalf, and other requests

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10M ago

So you can’t sell your Nintendo Account? I know this is somewhat shady and fraught with risk, but I do see people selling their Nintendo Switch on Craigslist and OfferUp all the time, often with the promise that the buyer will get the seller’s Nintendo Account login to effectively make it theirs. Is this a bannable activity according to Nintendo?


10M ago


It is always illegal to sell your account. What is to prevent them from going on line and changing their password and deactivating the sold switch? They could even report it stolen to Nintendo and brick the sold system.