Pikmin 4 has been out in the wild for a few days now, and it seems plenty of fans and newcomers are diving in. While there’s no doubt everyone is having fun in the game, it seems some people are using Pikmin mechanics in the real world as well, and to great effect.

A discussion has popped up on social media pertaining to the Pikmin franchise, and much of it was centered on a message shared by a very thankful parent. It seems this parent was having some trouble wrangling one of their children, and the solution to getting them to follow the rules was by turning to Pikmin logic.

My 4-year-old son always tries to wander off when we go shopping, so I told him, “you’re a Pikmin, and mommy is that one that the Pikmin follow around.” It worked so well. He follows my steps perfectly while squeaking like a Pikmin. Thank you, Nintendo, this one’s going to work for a while.

[Japanese parent]

I am not a parent and have no interest/plan on being one. That said, I do know children can be an absolute nightmare to care for, and parents often have to come up with unique solutions to bring some order back into their lives. If having your kid pretend they’re a Pikmin removes some of the chaos from your day, I say go for it!

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10M ago

This is a great idea. Hope Mom plays better than me! No rewind in real life!


10M ago

LOL. I wonder where else this could be used.


10M ago

Hahahaha, that’s awesome.