Back in 2020, Ubisoft brought Immortals: Fenxy Rising to multiple platforms, Switch included. The game was heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which helped it achieve a modest level of success. That success supposedly paved the way for a sequel, but now insider sources are claiming the follow-up is dead in the water.

According to sources close to development, Ubisoft has decided to cancel the sequel to Immortals: Fenxy Rising to instead focus on bigger brands under the publisher. (h/t VGC) Ubisoft never publicly stated that a sequel was in the works, so obviously, they also haven’t shared an official statement on a follow-up being developed.

While the first game did end up moving a sizable amount of units, it seems a considerable amount were sold after numerous discounts. This, along with concerns about expanding the reach of the IP, supposedly led to the project being called off.

UPDATE: Ubisoft has commented on this matter, albeit vaguely. They don’t affirm the sequel’s existence, nor do they confirm a cancellation. You can see their statement below (h/t VGC)

“As part of our global strategy, we are redirecting and reallocating some creative teams and resources within the Quebec studio to other unannounced projects. The expertise and technologies these teams developed will serve as an accelerator for the development of these key projects focused on our biggest brands. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

[Ubisoft statement]

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11M ago

Maybe it was the Naked-Gun like humor in the game that doomed it.


11M ago

Nooooooooo I loved that game, was looking forward to the sequel :-(


11M ago

Sorry folks. This is my fault. I haven't played it yet. Ubisoft was short one player to make the sequel. :(