The revival of vinyl albums has been nothing short of staggering. It’s not like vinyl is a niche product nowadays; it’s actually the main method of physical music sales. As a matter of fact, vinyl sales have show growth for 17 years straight, and they surpassed CD sales for the first time ever last year!

If you’re on the vinyl train like millions of others, you’ll probably be happy to know that two more game soundtracks are getting the vinyl treatment. Both the Mega Man Battle Network and Rogue Legacy II soundtracks are getting vinyl presses, and each one is available for pre-order now through Fangamer.

Mega Man Battle Network, the first entry in a beloved spinoff series for the GBA, was accompanied by the complex melodies and bombastic energy of Akari Kaida’s soundtrack. Now that OST is newly remastered, pressed on beautiful vinyl, and wrapped up in original artwork from the Capcom archives. You can pre-order this album for $29 right here.


Like all successful roguelike protagonists, Tettix and A Shell in the Pit have carried out even more treasure this time around.

22 tracks from their Rogue Legacy 2 soundtrack are included in this 2LP set, pressed on translucent purple and blue vinyl. It’s wrapped up in a gatefold designed by Justin Chan that makes it a perfect complement to the Rogue Legacy soundtrack. (Buy them both together and save $18!)

When you buy the soundtrack you’ll receive an instant digital download code for Bandcamp available in FLAC, MP3, or WAV. You can place your pre-order for $39 right here.

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