Looks like there’s an extra special reason to tune in for the Pokémon 2022 European International Championships this weekend.

We now know that Pokémon Co. will be offering a special code during the championships for a Dracovish, which you can add to Pokémon Sword and Shield. This Dracovish is based on the Dracovish used by Marco Silva in the 2020 Oceania International Championships, which is a Pokémon that helped him become champion.

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2y ago

What is that? I've never cared for Pokemon, especially its daft creations. That chandelier thing took the biscuit. Only happened upon it because I said I'd give Pokken Tournament a chance(not great either). This thing is all sorts of innuendo.


2y ago


It's one of the fossil Pokemon of the game, all of them are design abominations.

However, I do think they're pretty clever designs when you realize they're based on how early UK dinosaur depictions were put together wrong, and people didn't realize how the bones were supposed to be linked together. Obviously overexaggerated here, but a fun nod.