Santa Hat Pikachu Squishmallow up for pre-order

It's never too early for stocking stuffers

25 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Yes, I know we’re in July, but I am just a mere slave to the news. That’s why I’m bringing you details on an upcoming holiday release from the Pokémon Co..

The Pokémon X Squishmallows collab has been another huge success for Pokémon Co., resulting in sell-outs for multiple products nearly as soon as they hit store shelves. That’s no doubt going to be the case for the latest collab product, a Santa Hat Pikachu Squishmallow.

This 14” Squishmallow features Pikachu in a santa hat, and it’s priced at $25. This item will be available starting November 25th, 2023, but pre-orders are actually open right now. You can snag your purchase through Target while supplies last…and they won’t last for long.

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10M ago

No Pokemon Center with a butt tattoo version? I remember seeing ONE Pikachu squishmallow at a local grocery store, didn't bother picking it up because not my thing, but then some people started arguing over it.