Bomb Rush Cyberfunk gets a set of new screens

Painting the town red (and green, yellow, blue...)

26 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

After years of waiting, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk it almost here. The Jet Set Radio-inspired title is coming to Switch on Aug. 18th, 2023, and you can get a fresh look at how things are coming together with the gallery of new screens above.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is 1 second per second of advanced funkstyle. Battle rival crews and dispatch military police to conquer the five boroughs of New Amsterdam. Become All City. Start your own cypher and dance, paint graffiti, collect beats, combo your tricks and face off with the cops to stake your claim to the sprawling metropolis of New Amsterdam.

Red is a graffiti writer who lost his head and instead has an AI robohead. In search of his roots he joins the Bomb Rush Crew, Tryce and Bel, who are aiming to go All City. Together they slowly discover who it was that cut off his head and how deep Red’s human side is linked to the graffiti world.

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