Capcom revealed earlier today that 1.3 million people have purchased Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection around the world. That makes for quite the player base, and now some of them will be able to show off their skills at EVO 2023.

A Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Meet-Up and Tournament has been announced for EVO 2023, and it’s set to take place August 5th, 2023 at 2 PM in the BYOC area. The tournament will be run as a double elimination bracket in MMBNLC Vol.2 on Switch through Local Match. Players can bring their own Switch and copy of the game to play as well.

Those who enter the tournament and make it to the top 3 will get to take home $250 in cold, hard cash. For more details on what the tournament has to offer and how to enter, check out the official site here.

Thanks to Olivia for the heads up!

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