An update is available for Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • New cheat available : Unlock all weapons
  • New cheat available : Infinite ammo


  • Damage indicators are now stronger, and even more for high damage attacks
  • Added a toggle to deactivate the red “PURGE” filter
  • Reduced the opacity of the red “PURGE” filter
  • Feedback improved when the player takes damage
  • Lord of Change’s Pink Fire ability deals less damage
  • The plasma gun inflicts less damage to the player when overcharging (praise the Omnissiah)
  • Added additional loading hints
  • Added an option to deactivate the slow motion triggered by the chainsword
  • Added an option to deactivate the freeze frames caused by the dash
  • Now displaying level stats (kill percentage, timer, secret discovery) in the pause menu
  • FOV slider now available for consoles
  • FPS are now capped in loading screens
  • Added an option to disable the parallax effect for the Warp rifts
  • Servo skull lines are now easier to read : they stay displayed for longer instead of “typing” slower
  • Added an option for higher text contrast
  • Reduced explosive barrels damage to the player
  • Plasma gun cultists don’t track you through walls anymore

Bug fixing

  • Fixed a bug causing the player to get a “pistol start” (ie losing your weapons) when using the “restart” button after dying
  • Fixed a softlock that would happen when players died in the player death screen
  • Fixed a bug where Chaos Marines would play their “alert” animation in a loop instead of fighting the player
  • Fixed translation issues in Czech
  • Fixed a bug that made the servo skull only scan health pickups : he will now point at more various things, including doors
  • The Aspiring Champions no longer try to shoot you at point blank range
  • Fixed an a bug where obtaining the Vortex grenade in C3M1 caused a crash
  • Fixed the sound of teleporting portals sometimes not playing correctly
  • Fixed issue with level loading hitch when loading an autosave from a different level
  • Fixed a bug where bile projectile would stack on top of each other

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