While North America and Europe just got Dragon Quest Builders 2 as our latest Switch Online Game Trial, the situation is a little different over in Japan.

From April 28th to May 5th, 2022, Switch Online members in Japan will have access to the full version of Buddy Mission: BOND. As usual, that Game Trial period will coincide with a discount on the game as well. From April 28th to May 12th, 2022, Buddy Mission: BOND will be available at a 30% discount, making it 4,989 yen instead of 7,128 yen.

In Buddy Mission: BOND, you’ll follow Luke, a police officer aiming to become a hero like his late foster father had dreamed, and Aaron, the “Phantom Thief Beast” whose total damages are said to amount to several hundred billion. A strange encounter will greatly change their fate, and lead you down a story of teamwork, disputes, the mystery of Luke’s father’s death, and a fiery friendship that confronts an earthshaking conspiracy.

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2y ago

How about releasing the game in the west? -.-