Global game publisher CFK (headed by Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce that they will be releasing their new title Zombie Hunter: D-Day to the globe on Switch July 27th, 2023.

Zombie Hunter: D-Day is a first-person zombie shooter that gives players 80 days to survive the zombie apocalypse. It was made by Korean game developer CLE GAMES and released to mobile devices April of 2020 to the tune of 10 million downloads worldwide.

One day, after a zombie virus sweeps across the globe, you finally stumble across a place to hide out and make your stand. It seems… you have nowhere left to run. Yet your only hope for survival lies in you somehow escaping this nightmare. You have 80 days to survive before the rescue team arrives…

● Game features

Survive the endless waves of zombies

In Zombie Hunter: D-Day, players take on the zombie hunter role and must survive wave after immense wave of the zombie horde for 80 days, holding out until the rescue team arrives.

Make full use of all the weapons in your arsenal, the very keys to your survival

In becoming a zombie hunter, it’s necessary to wield a variety of weapons. Zombie Hunter: D-Day will fully arm gamers with a variety of weapons to help them survive against the zombie horde.

Gamers need to quickly familiarize themselves with their weapons’ specifications and uses, figuring out when and where to use each one. Weapons will become even more powerful with each subsequent upgrade.

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