It has been over six years since the Nintendo Switch first hit store shelves. Over the last few months, rumors have been circulating regarding what the Switch successor will look like and when we can expect it to launch. Well, thanks to the Chinese component manufacturer PixArt, we might have a pretty good idea of the latter.

In their latest financial report, PixArt confirmed that they are working on manufacturing parts for a “new console from a Japanese company” set to be released in early 2024. The Japanese company in question “hasn’t launched a new system in years,” (which rules out Sony) and based on the fact that PixArt has provided parts for other Nintendo systems in the past, including the Switch itself, It’s a pretty safe bet that Nintendo is the company that PixArt is working with.

If Nintendo really does have a new console planned for early 2024, we can expect an official announcement very soon. In the meantime, we’ll have to just be patient and wait to see if anything comes to fruition. As always, take everything with a grain of salt.

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10M ago

Big Big grain of salt. Huge.

If it truly is coming early 2024, then it will be fully backwards compatible with the current Switch ecosystem/lineup.

I can't imagine Nintendo would put out Super Mario Bros. Wonder as just a half a year from a new console launch.


10M ago

Yeah, no. Maybe a new model but not a successor.


10M ago

I'll buy the successor day one, that said, I'm still perfectly happy with the switch as is now. The OLED was a nice upgrade. Maybe in another year or two.


10M ago

I think I'd enjoy seeing a Switch successor. It feels like its time is coming. But I hope it plays all of the Switch's games and makes some improvements to the way online accounts work.

And this is just a personal hope, but I'd like to see them restore infrared camera pointing.


10M ago

Nintendo have been releasing several patents the last year-ish. ut so many have mobile phones in them ... Unsure I like that "Evolution"


10M ago


Agreed. That Wii Remote infrared pointing was so revolutionary for aiming in any game. The developer just has to get the options for the controls right like Medal of Honor Heroes 2's developers did. I remember those developers were named "Team Fusion" at EA Canada. Great developers.

Hopefully, Nintendo hasn't abandoned this simple, yet game-changing technology.


10M ago


People laugh when I tell them I played hundreds of hours of Call of Duty on the Wii. The controls were so good (the same set up as MoHH2).