The latest round of DLC for Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days has just gone live. Card Expansion Vol. 5 Minerva Rising comes as part of Additional DLC Vol. 5, and additional cards can be obtained from Stride Deckset -Chronojet- packs purchased from the in-game shop or obtained from card creation. These additional contents are also included in Additional Card Pass Vol. 2, currently on sale.


  • Squalid Freaks
  • Forest Protecting Hunter, Prosper
  • Aren’t I Great to be Attending? Livora
  • Knight of Old Fate, Cordiela
  • Ardor Hatchet Dragon
  • Knight of Severity, Cliodhna
  • Stealth Dragon, Tsukuyodachi
  • Molecular Clause Dragon
  • Bringer of Soaring Wind, Lakche
  • Demonic Swordsman of Fracture, Eligos
  • Mobile Kennel, Eingarten
  • Phantasmic Stealth Fiend, Megalonozuchi
  • Flower of Ruined Castle, Empousa
  • Best Moment, Stolas

Rare Card Set 13

  • FFR and FR treated cards will be available to collect at one per card type.

Additional Card Set Vol.5 [D-BT08]: Minerva Rising is priced at $20. Again, you can get this content as part of the Additional Card Pass Vol.2, which will run you $65.50.


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