The original Blasphemous was definitely a Metroidvania, but it made a few tweaks and changes to the formula that players were a bit mixed on. For the follow-up, the team at The Game Kitchen wanted to really hone in on the Metroidvania experience to create a more distilled adventure.

In an interview with Kotaku, dev Enrique Cabeza opened up about the decision to head in a more straightforward Metroidvania path for Blasphemous 2.

We wanted to make a more pure Metroidvania because in the first game, it’s not quite that. Those mechanics that help you explore the map are not mandatory, so it’s not a pure Metroidvania. This time the team really wanted to make a more pure Metroidvania, and we were inspired by our favorite Metroidvanias like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the Metroid saga, and many other Metroidvanias that are out there and are amazing.

[Enrique Cabeza]

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