Natsu-Mon! 20th Century Summer Vacation is heading to Switch in Japan come July 28th, 2023, and a new gameplay video for the title was released. This video introduces us to the Detective Club.

When you’re not fishing, bug hunting or enjoying fireworks displays, you can participate in a Detective Club with your in-game friends. In the Detective Club, you’ll get to solve local mysteries that are sure to reveal fun secrets about the town and its people.

Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Vacation is a heartwarming summer vacation adventure game in which you play as a 10 year-old boy and enjoy a special summer vacation in the verdant countryside by the sea. The player will have one month to spend their summer vacation in the 3D open-world countryside. The game is the latest title by Kaz Ayabe of Millennium Kitchen, who is known for creating many nostalgic summer vacation and childhood-themed games, and will be published by Spike Chunsoft.


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