SMITE has just begun the most divine giveaway ever: for 3 weeks, players can earn their share of 10 million Gems, the game’s premium currency! This in-game event is part of the SMITE Year 10 celebration—this entire year is about giving thanks to the community.

Ten million Gems are worth $2.5 million and amount to so much that it may be hard to make sense of. Put it that way: it’s 10,000 Gems every 30 minutes for 21 days. And that’s exactly what SMITE is giving players!

Non-stop for 21 days—from July 28 at 11 AM ET through August 18 at 10:30 AM—SMITE is granting 10,000 Gems to a random player every 30 minutes! To participate automatically each time, you only need to have played during the last hour. In total, there will be over a thousand lucky winners! Here is what 10 000 Gems, worth $250, could get you in SMITE:

  • 12 Battle Passes
  • 100 direct-purchase Skins
  • 3 major Events such as the ongoing ColorForge ‘Buy-All’
  • 33 Dreamweaver Chests, currently 25% off
  • 40 God Voice Packs
  • 500 Emote Chests (note how you could gift them all to ONE friend if you’d like)
  • Success & Happiness in life

Come play some SMITE right now through August 17 for your chance to win big!

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