Super Rare Games is gearing up together with SmokeStab and Assemble Entertainment to bring you Orbital Bullet, the 360° action-platformer with rogue-lite elements, coming physically to Nintendo Switch for the very first time.

A multi-award nominee with an art style mixing 3D models and sprites, this is a roguelite where all actions take place in a circular pattern. Fight your way through a variety of procedural planets and use body modifications, crafting, upgrades, and heavy weaponry. Dying’s imminent but part of the fun. Diverse weaponry and game-changing upgrades guarantee addictive gameplay.

A total of 3,000 copies will ever be printed which will go on sale on August 3rd at 6pm BST (10am PDT/1pm EDT) - available worldwide exclusively at

As indie’s best friend, Super Rare Games works closely with the developers to ensure that every element of each release is an homage to the game printed on the cartridge. The Orbital Bullet physical release comes with the game on a physical cartridge, a full-color manual, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards. Fans also won’t be waiting for long as Super Rare Games titles ship shortly after release.

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