As we mentioned earlier in the week, Game Informer has kicked off a massive wave of coverage for Sonic Superstars, and it’s going to include a bunch of new details on the game. We’ve already learned about the game’s Emerald Powers through this round of coverage, but today gives us a video showcasing each one in action.

Emerald Powers grant Sonic and his friends special abilities for Chaos Emeralds they obtain through the Special Stages. Here’s a complete breakdown of every Emerald Power you’ll have access to.


  • Blue Emerald
  • Create clones of your character and send them speeding across the screen to defeat enemies


  • Red Emerald
  • Blast your character in a specified direction


  • Cyan Emerald
  • Characters can more easily traverse underwater areas and even climb up waterfalls


  • Green Emerald
  • Grow vines from where your character stands to help you reach new areas
  • Can direct where they grow
  • If you’re playing co-op, your teammates can use your ivy to reach new areas


  • Purple Emerald
  • Reveals certain objects like hidden platforms and rings
  • The developers thought about players having a challenging time knowing when to use the power and took it into consideration


  • Yellow Emerald
  • Slows down everything on screen


  • White Emerald
  • This is a character-specific ability
  • Sonic: Homing Attack
  • Amy: Hammer Throw
  • Knuckles: Punch
  • Tails: Tornado Spin


  • Collect all Chaos Emeralds to gain the ability to turn into a Super version of your character
  • Each character can turn Super
  • Each character turns invincible and becomes faster, with rings depleting over time
  • Once you get all seven Chaos Emeralds, you can still choose what power you want to be using
  • You can select from the selection wheel what Emerald Power you want to use at that specific time, not necessarily automatically turning into Supe

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