Demonschool gets a fresh trailer

You thought school sucked before!

28 July 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher Ysbryd Games and developer Necrosoft Games previously announced Demonschool, a new-style tactics RPG where motion equals action. Defeat big weirdos in between the human and demon worlds as Faye and her misfit companions, while navigating university life on a mysterious island. Demonschool is set to launch for Switch sometime in 2023.

Explore a mysterious island that reveals its mysteries morning, noon, and night, day by day, week by week, across a university semester. Plan your team’s schedule to enhance their skills and gain new abilities. Gain new teammates and enhance their relationships depending on who you choose to pursue.

In battle, units interact contextually with their environment. Enemies will be struck, objects moved, or the character will simply dash. Plan movements at your leisure, and execute them all at once. You can also rewind actions during the planning phase. Buffing friendlies and debuffing enemies compounds damage output. Note the damage numbers! Combos do big damage and produce unique elemental attacks, which you can use to exploit enemy weaknesses.

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