Back in November of lasta year, 13AM Games had revealed that they were working on some major DLC for Dawn of the Monsters. We’ve learned a few tidbits about those DLC plans since, but today brings us a sizable update on what to expect.

Brawler’s Alley Magazine has a new feature on Dawn of the Monsters, and it gives some fresh details and tidbits on both the free and paid DLC heading our way. In particular, we learn a lot more about what comes in the paid DLC, and you can see the full breakdown below.

Free update

  • full Japanese voice-over
  • new skins
  • Story Mode + where you keep all your updates and cosmetics
  • New Game + for a greater challenge
  • New Game ++
  • New Game +++
  • New Game ++++

Paid DLC

  • new character, Meteor Temujin, a Super Sentai robot type controlled by five teenagers
  • Meteor Temujin is not as strong as Ganira or Megadon, as fast as Aegis, and doesn’t have the range like Tempest
  • Meteor Temujin has a sword with three basic attacks and three strong attacks
  • you can launch an enemy into the air when stunned and then use a downward slash
  • there is also a forward thrust
  • all his rage powers consume two rage bars.
  • your first rage attack, using block and light attack, will light Temujin’s sword with fire and he will dash across the screen giving fire damage
  • this first rage attack will also distribute a small explosive token that will detonate shortly after
  • if you hit block and heavy attack, Meteor’s sword changes into an axe that he can throw
  • by pressing block and dash, the sword, or axe, becomes a powerful hammer
  • this hammer makes you slower, but it packs an incredible amount of damage
  • Normal Mode tasks you with beating 12 short levels, and after each one you can pick from 3 set modifiers that don’t change
  • Rogue Mode gives you a selection of random upgrades that will change every time you play

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