Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force have shared seven minutes of Fate/Samurai Remnant gameplay alongside the introduction of two more characters; Tamamo Aria and Cu Chulaain will appear in the game. The gameplay can be seen in the video above at the following timestamps:

  • 31:29 to 37:38 – Part 1
  • 42:14 to 43:34 – Part 2

As for the two new characters, you can get their profiles below.


Tamamo Aria (Rider) (voiced by Chiwa Saito)

She captivates the men of the world with her lovely appearance, and in some way otherwordly speech and conduct.

Cu Chulainn (Lancer) (voiced by Nobutoshi Canna)

He treats his crimson spear, which longer than his own body, as part of himself. He is combative and always looking for a worthy opponent.

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