Today, Super Mega Baseball 4 has released its second DLC stadium - Ciudad de Colores! This brightly colored stadium will be available for all Ballpark Edition players today, and Standard Edition players will be able to purchase it digitally in platform stores on August 14, 2023.

In addition to this DLC stadium being available, there is also the largest patch to date for SMB4 being released today that includes community requested features and improvements such as new pitcher disengagement rules, an option to reduce the size of in-game HUD elements, and more.

The full list of patch notes can be found here with a few of the most notable changes down below.

Update 3 Patch Highlights:

New Pitcher Disengagement Rules:

After a third step off or pick-off attempt during an at-bat where a runner does not advance and no out is made, the pitcher will be charged with a balk and all runners will advance one base.

The CPU is less likely to throw pickoffs as their disengagement limit increases.

The CPU is more likely to steal as the pitcher’s disengagement limit increases.

Pitchers no longer lose Mojo after a failed step off or pick-off attempt. Pitchers instead lose Mojo when a balk is committed.

In Pennant Race and Online Leagues, balks will increase a player’s auto-forfeit count just as beanballs and walks do.


Animations have been added to Shuffle Draft that show the player selected moving to the projected lineup table, allowing remote users to see who was picked when drafting with an online party.

In Shuffle Drafts outside of Online Leagues, you are now presented with the selections made by the CPU-controlled teams at the end of each round. You can also view the roster of the other teams at any point during the draft.

In Franchise mode, a player’s “Valuation” is now shown alongside their Loyalty attribute. Valuation matches what the player’s starting salary would be in a fresh Franchise playthrough and reflects their fair value given their skills and other attributes.

Players playing out of position now receive a 1-level Mojo penalty in addition to any Fielding or Arm skill penalties they normally receive. When on offense, swapping defensive positions with a player who is receiving this penalty will not remove the penalty until the next defensive inning.

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