There are a ton of Picross games on the Switch, and almost all of them come from developer Jupiter. Nintendo has actually teamed up with Jupiter in the past for some special Picross collaboration games, and Jupiter has a lot of interest in collabing once again. Unfortunately for them, it seems like Nintendo isn’t all that interest.

In an interview with VGC, Jupiter’s managing director Norichika Meguro has showed a desire to work with Nintendo on yet another collaborative Picross project. While Jupiter keeps contacting Nintendo for a pair-up, Nintendo is giving them the cold shoulder.

“We’re eager to make these collaborations happen, but it’s pretty much down to Nintendo’s judgement, and the final say is on their side, not ours. We want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Picross in 2025, and we’ve been pitching Nintendo for this, but it’s been really hard to get them to say yes.

Going through their approval process has become more difficult than ever, so the easier way to work with Nintendo is to publish something with our own IP, not the other way round where a developer pitches Nintendo and waits for Nintendo to provide the IP to make the collaboration happen.”

[Jupiter’s managing director Norichika Meguro]

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10M ago

That bites, you'd think it'd be a little more streamlined considering the first Picrosses were all Nintendo character licenses.


10M ago

I guess seeing the switch doesn't behave much of games with touchscreen. It makes it...harder to get picross on Switch?


10M ago

Well, no, because all Picross games have button controls and there's like 10 of them on the Switch already.