The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival made a lot of waves a few weeks back, and not for good reason. While the game looked terrible in general, it caught a ton of attention for ripping off the ideas, settings and character models of The Last of Us series. There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from existing properties to create your own experience, but some of the content in The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival came across as blatant theft, rather than homage.

It appears gamers weren’t the only ones who noticed these similarities, as The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival has now disappeared from the Switch eShop. Along with that, official uploads of trailers for The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival have now disappeared. Those trailers now offer a message saying they were taken down due to a copyright claim from none other than Sony.

Nintendo and Sony haven’t commented on the matter, nor have the dev behind The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival. It’s very likely this game will never return to the Switch eShop; not without major changes, anyway. In other words, if you happened to purchase and download the game prior to its removal, you now have an extremely rare digital game on your hands!

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