As with most Sonic games, Sonic Superstars is going to feature a lot of familiar faces. It’s always nice to see your favorites return, but Sonic Superstars isn’t stopping there. The game is also going to include the brand-new character Trips, and today we’ve learned a bit more about her.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sonic Team creative officer Takashi Iizuka and Arzest president and Sonic co-creator Naoto Ohshima spoke up about the goals in designing Trips. Right from the start, it’s clear the duo wanted Trips to be considerable different from what we’ve seen with previous Sonic baddies.

Ohshima: We sent visuals back and forth and had an ongoing dialogue about what the personality should be like,” Ohshima says. “Ideas came up for the character’s actions and themes, like an armored lizard and the ouroboros. I worked on the design while discussing the ideas with Iizuka-san.

Iizuka: “When you look at her, obviously she’s covered in armor, and the reason why she’s covered in armor in the game is the base of her character is a sungazer lizard in English. In Japanese, it’s more direct – it’s literally ‘armored lizard’ in Japanese. But the sungazer is that animal that was being referenced for the deign of Trip.”

“The team wanted to show that Trip is not that usual enemy, and we wanted to introduce her in a way that’s not the obvious ‘Oh, I’m super strong’ way.’ When we presented Trip in the very beginning, I think she even falls on her face in the very first scene that you see her in. The first thing I think people will be thinking is, ‘Who is she, and why is she a super strong enemy? What’s going on?’ We wanted to introduce the character in that way to make it different from how enemies have always been presented in Sonic games.”

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