While Nintendo has had an incredibly successful Q1 in the latest fiscal year, they’re also spending a consisderable amount of money on the future.

Nintendo’s Q1 report for Fiscal Year 2024 shows that they’ve spent 205 million dollars on research and development expenses so far. That’s a serious chunk of change, and it’s actually a 24% increase over what the Big N spent during the same quarter last year.

With rumors of the Switch successor flying left and right, there’s no doubt Nintendo is spending quite a bit of cash on their next piece of hardware. As they say, you have to spend money to make money. Hopefully all this moolah the Big N is dropping ends up coming back tenfold with their next system.

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10M ago

Now this is pretty damn interesting. Thinking about the rumour that they delivered a dev kit but without the controller because they want that to be a big secret as long as possible fires up that flame a lot.

What the fuck are Nintendo on to now? =D